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Trusted for over a decade, we have sailed the world creating the best week-long sailing itineraries. We sail countless coastlines and archipelagos with thousands of travelers enriching lives through our experience at sea.

As itinerary curators, we built a dynamic group of captains and chefs to lead adventures offering private and group sailing charters focusing on exceptional hospitality and one-of-a-kind experiences.

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Aeolian Islands

July 6 – July 6

Aeolian Islands

The Sicily Experience

Sighted off the bow, a volcano spews ash and smoke into the atmosphere. A town sits on the slopes below, they are harvesting crops and going about daily life in the shadow of possible destruction. The steep shoreline is teetering on the brink of collapse, black boulders perched like high-divers over the sea, preparing for their plunge. Nothing is sure here, everything hangs in the balance of forces bigger than your small sailboat cutting shoreward through the deep blue sea. Still, you hold a steady helm on your approach. Life is sweeter in perspective.

During a sailing itinerary to the Aeolian Islands, you’ll experience the island edges, home to white pumice mountains and jagged cliff sides that seemingly dives straight into the Mediterranean’s indigo seas lined by black sand beaches. These islands are fueled by wine, food, the sea, and the volcanoes--two that are currently active. Fragrances of olives, capers, sea salt, and vegetables ripen in the sun that fills the air. Less touristic than their neighboring archipelagos, you’ll always be reminded that these islands are far removed from everyday life.

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Naples & the Pontine Islands

Naples & the Pontine Islands


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