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"For over a decade we have sailed the world creating the best week-long sailing itineraries. We sailed countless coastlines and archipelagos with thousands of guests and enriched our lives with our shared experience at sea. As itinerary curators, we have the finest group of captains and chefs leading each adventure so the Sailing Collective Travel Co. can create the most enjoyable and life-changing adventure."

French Polynesia

May 6 – May 6

French Polynesia

Pearl of the Pacific | Group Journey

One hundred & eighteen islands and atolls rise in serenity from the heart of the South Pacific, each with a character as unique as its shape, to form the land of French Polynesia. From the more renowned Society Islands to the more remote Marquesas, a great diversity of experience awaits. Diving among bright rainbow fish in crystal clear lagoons. Hiking in lush tropical forests. Sunning on powdery clean white or exotic black sand beaches. Dining on cuisine influenced by French, Asian and Polynesian tastes.

Your journey will be crewed by a captain and chef who are trained professionals and explorers at heart. Sailing Collective crew includes sailors, travelers, artists, gastronomes and academics who will offer a wealth of information and diverse experience. This crew will work with you to build a customized day to day itinerary tailored to your group needs, interests, and desired activities.

This is now a two-boat voyage! See availability under the "Book Now" button. Not seeing the cabin you're hoping for? Email us at info@thesailingcollective.com.

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Group Journey

Book your cabin and voyage the world a new way

Group Journey

Book your cabin and voyage the world a new way

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Polynesia in May

Polynesia in May

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