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New Year's Week

New Year's Week 2024/25

Celebrating New Year's in the Tropics during a week-long private sailing charter

Imagine, if you will, embarking on a sailing charter in the tropics during the festive week of New Year’s. The azure waters stretch out before you, shimmering under the warm tropical sun, while a gentle breeze fills your sails, propelling you toward distant, unspoiled islands. Each day reveals new wonders: vibrant coral reefs bustling with marine life, their colors dazzling beneath the surface, and lush, verdant landscapes framing idyllic shorelines. As evening descends, you find yourself anchored in tranquil bays, where the night sky unfolds a celestial tapestry of stars. In this serene and picturesque setting, you celebrate the arrival of the New Year, far removed from the noise and clamor of everyday life. This journey is a sublime blend of exploration, serenity, and celebration, leaving you with indelible memories of nature’s splendor and the joys of togetherness.


New Year's Week
British Virgin Islands • Antigua • St Barts • Thailand • Bahamas • Baja Mexico


New Year's Week


Itinerary Options

British Virgin Islands

Antigua & Barbuda

Phuket, Thailand

St Barts & St Martin

Baja, Mexico



Jon Bickford

Jon Bickford


A native to Maine and unabashed thalassophile, Jon has worked on the water for over 12 years and has sailed over 15,000 miles. On land he has walked the width and breadth of two nations and has lived in cities from New York to Honolulu to Bangkok. While solo journeys have incredible value, for him, it is the communal expeditions in outdoor settings that have defined Jon’s time in the wilderness as they provide the rare combination of camaraderie and growth that only can be known through group adventure. He holds a USCG masters license, and has participated in international competitions on traditional 18th century wooden Bantry Bay Gigs, canoed Alaska's Inside Passage rain forest, and operated a marine research vessel for Cornell University. When not on the move, he enjoys living in small island communities off the New England coast.

Diana Fertitta

Diana Fertitta


Diana is a New York City based private chef with cooking experience spanning nearly a decade at treasured neighborhood spots as well as in the homes of families across the city. Her approach to cooking is steeped in nourishment and simplicity, allowing fresh, local ingredients to shine while creating something special that those gathering around the table look forward to each day. Always with an eye on her next destination, she views food as an essential component of travel and life experience.

Kyle Taylor

Kyle Taylor


Kyle grew up sailing and racing on Lake Erie, and worked as an ASA instructor during his university years in NYC. His philosophy and economics degrees were soon followed by a captain’s license, which he pursued up and down the east coast working on yachts, charter boats, and commercial powerboats. Kyle's most current project has been the build and operation of all-electric ASD powered catamarans, and sailing in the Caribbean during the winter months. In Kyle's eyes, a successful charter experience involves a deep, personal interaction with nature, and hopefully a glimpse of the mystery that keeps our conversation with the sea alive.


Q. What are the best dates for the 2024 - 2025 New Year's Week
  • Recommendation 1] December 28 - January 3

  • Recommendation 2] December 29 - January 4

  • Recommendation 3] December 30 - January 5

Q. What is the start time and the end time for the NYW voyage?

Start: 9:00 am Day 1

End: 9:00 am Day 7

Q. We want to party! What is your recommendation?

St Barts is always a party! Great itinerary if you are interested in celebrity sightings. British Virgin Islands is always fun with the famous Old Year Party on Jost Van Dyke.

Q. We want a quite secluded voyage. What is your recommendation?

Baja California is as quiet and relaxed as you get. Spend the week completely cut off from society while exploring the peaceful serenity. The Bahamas itinerary is also very quiet surrounded by gorgeous nature.

Q. Is NYW more expensive the normal weeks?

Yes, it is. NYW is always comes with a premium price, everywhere. Is it worth it? Absolutely! The Sailing Collective team will work to find the most affordable option for you.

Q. How many people can come?

Most of the catamarans we use come with four double-occupancy cabins accommodating up to 8 guests + 2 crew. Select boats come with five and six double-occupancy cabins accommodating up to 10 and 12 guests + 2 crew but keep in mind these boats book up first.

Q. How do I get started

Great questions! Fill out the Inquiry Form or make a request through the Select Dates button and continue. In the notes, share with us your target budget and the locations of interest and the SC Travel Team will create a custom quote for you to share with your friends or family.


Lagoon 52

Lagoon 52

Luxurious and contemporary, noble and luxurious materials, with soft shades for a harmonious interior continuous horizontal and fluent lines give the interior open and generous spaces continuity between exterior and interior life a slender exterior design for a boat with a strong character.

Lagoon 46 Flybridge

Lagoon 46 Flybridge

The new catamaran LAGOON 46 combines easy sailing with plenty of comfort. Relaxed, effortless sailing paired with comfortable accommodation are the highlights of the LAGOON 46 catamaran. The French yacht designers placed value on an elevated helm station and on the three spacious lounge areas on this catamaran. The LAGOON 46 catamaran comes with 3 or 4 cabins and offers enough space for up to eight guests plus crew.

  • Bedsize: Just shy of a queen-size mattress

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